Follow These 3 Tips When Hiring a Great Web Developer
Follow These 3 Tips When Hiring a Great Web Developer

Follow These 3 Tips When Hiring a Great Web Developer

A web developer is one of the most important parts of a company. As a matter of fact, that is the employee who will help in creating an online image of your company and lets you interact virtually with your target market. So, it is important to hire the perfect talent in the first place. Or else you will just be hurting your business and wasting time and money. Here are the tips that can help you to hire a website designer.

  1. Root for the DNA first, then work experience

Here DNA refers to determining the drive, determination, curiosity, persistence of the candidate, are you more of a low key person or an extrovert? You should always root for DNA rather than the work experience, as the startup always needs traits like versatility, risk taking, adaptability, and a self-starter personality. This is why make a list of your company’s DNA needs. Does the office environment render a relentless drive? Are you seeking amazing team players? If your list has five requirements, make sure you are fulfilling at least 3 of them. Hiring for DNA also means to define your company culture and make sure that your team will work together.

  1. Try out a new developer with a small non-critical project first.

You might think that you have found the perfect candidate, just ensure to give him a small non-critical project. In that way, you can observe the person in action and offer additional information beyond the interview conducted. You will also see how efficient the candidate is when it comes to delivering the product or how buggy the nature of the final product is. Also pay attention to if the candidate goes above and beyond in order to get the product delivered. Was the solution creative? How well did she work in the team and convey the problems and delays?

  1. Choose a develop with an aptitude, not a particular skill set

In the technical department, skills tend to become obsolete in every two years. So it is always a good idea to hire a web developer who is a quick learner to new technologies with ease instead of someone who knows a specific technology now but cannot adapt when the new one is launched. The simplest way to find out whether someone adapts well is to ask questions to the candidate like:

  1. What programming languages have you learned recently?
  2. What are your go to places when it comes to learning new tips and tricks for tech?
  3. What are your favorite technology conferences?

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