How to Take Proper Care of Your Contact Lenses

These days, a majority of the younger generation prefer using contact lenses rather than traditional eye wear. However, it is also essential that you must know how to take very good care about your contact lenses. Inserting and removing contact lenses from the eyes are also very important and the user must know it well.

There are few disposable varieties of contact lenses near me which are designed in such a way that you need to wear them only once and then throw them away. In such kind of contact lenses, you need not worry about their storage or cleaning etc. However, if you are using contact lenses that you can wear for a longer time, you need to take proper care and it is not very difficult to do that. You need to just follow a simple routine that your eye care professional must also have recommended to you.

Following are few things to do in order to take good care of your contact lenses:

  • Rinsing

You must rinse each surface side of the lens at least for 5 seconds with bio-true solution that is available with the supplier of contact lens. Also, based on your frequency of wearing the contact lens and your individual tear chemistry, your eye care professional also must have given you certain guidelines for taking care of your contact lens.

You need to put three drops of cleaning solution on each side of the contact lens and rub it for 20 seconds before you rinse it. This will ensure that all debris or deposits are removed from the contact lens. You must always ensure that you follow proper guidelines suggested by your eye care professional.

  • Disinfect

You can disinfect your contact lens as follows –

  1. Use clean case for lens to store your contact lens
  2. Your case must be filled with fresh bio-true solution
  3. Keep your lenses soaked for four hours at least

Thereafter your lenses are ready for your next use when you need them again

  • Storing

Following care must be taken

  1. Change your case for storing the lens every month
  2. Avoid reusing the bio-true solution

Depending upon the condition of your eyes the eye care professional must have recommended you to replace the lens after certain frequency. Some can be weekly basis or some can also be on monthly basis. You must follow the instructions religiously for proper protection of your eyes.

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