What is the Need of Power Transformers?
What is the Need of Power Transformers?

What is the Need of Power Transformers?

A transformer has been deemed an electrical device specifically designed for transferring alternating current or voltage from one electric circuit to the other by means of electromagnetic induction.

It would not be wrong to suggest that the transformer has been specifically based on step-up and step-down voltages. In order to choose the right transformer, it would be in your best interest to consider specific kinds of primary voltage and secondary voltage required, which would be the capacity requisite in terms of volts amperes. Other kinds of things offered by the company that sell power transformer surplus would be seismic requirements, secondary voltage, impedance, space and location requirements, case style and more.


Different voltage in different nations

You should rest assured that voltage has been relatively different in every nation. A majority of utilities would cater the customer with one service or electrical system. You may often wonder why anyone would require a transformer. For instance, a new industrial plat has been made available in your region. They may entail several motors to be used in their company. Therefore, they request a 480Y/277 volts three-phase system. It would be adequate of their motor load at 480 volts and bearing their specific office and plant lighting loads at 277 volts.

However, for operating their office machinery and incandescent lighting, they would be in need of 120 volts. They would also encompass few small horsepower motors, which they look forward to operating at 208 volts. As the utility would only be providing them with 480Y/277 volts three-phase system, they would need a transformer for providing to the rest of their specific needs.

A buck boost transformer would be perfect in such a scenario. It would be helpful in changing the line voltage by relatively smaller amounts. A single phase transformer would mostly be used in rural areas. The major reason for its usage in rural areas would be the cost of three-phase transformer being higher and motor loads being relatively small.

Use of three-phase transformers

It would not be wrong to state that three-phase transformers would be used in shopping centers, large buildings, and factories. The incoming electric transformers voltage has been an important aspect when searching for the right transformer suitable to your specific needs. The voltage of incoming electric transformer would also be an essential aspect when choosing the right transformer. The three imperative frequencies would be 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz. It would be reserved for high-powered applications by companies selling power transformer.

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