When Is It Time to Look at Kid’s Watches?

For many parents it’s a time of great pride when they first get their kid’s watches. Not only was there the fact that the child was now able to tell the time, there was also the sense of this being one of the many large steps on the road to them growing up – and the parents being able to tell the kids to ‘be home by eight’. But when is the right time to start thinking about kid’s watches?

In this article we’re going to have a look at some of the things to take into account when you decide that little Jane or Johnny is the right age to have a watch of their own.

When should you look at buying kid’s watches?

Most people will say the best time is when they’ve actually learnt how to tell the time, but that’s not always the case. Kid’s watches can be fun, educational, as well as a vital bit of kit when you want to have them back home by a certain time; there’s no excuse for being late if you’ve got your own watch.

Not all kids are going to be able to learn how to tell the time when the rest of their friends do, but that doesn’t mean that having a watch isn’t going to be a good idea; sometimes it’s just as easy to learn things from your peers as it is from your parents or teachers.

Right, now that you’ve decided you will get one, when should you get it? If you’re close to either a birthday, or Christmas then kid’s watches are a great gift idea. But they’re something that can be given almost any time of the year, and would be a fantastic way of celebrating the new found ability of being able to tell the time, after all, how much more appropriate could a gift get?

What sort of kid’s watches should you be looking at getting?

With so many styles and brands available the choices are endless, so it would then come down to the individual child. If they’re a girl then something pink and feminine may be your best option, if you’re buying for a boy you may be able to pick up one that has some association with their favourite superhero, it’s not as difficult a choice as you might think.

Some of the must haves, especially for boys, are it must be: shockproof, waterproof, and a sporty look is always good.

If this is a first watch then having one that’s analogue (has the hours, minutes and seconds hands), as well as a digital readout is a great way to get them to understand the link between the time in numbers in comparison to the time when represented by the hands on the watch face.

Kid’s watches that have a large face are often quite useful too. It makes it far easier to read as they’re getting used to the positions of the hands, and it often means the face can have more interesting pictures on it.

One other thing that’s worth considering is the price. We know what kid’s are like, things go missing, or get broken, and replacing them all of the time can be a nightmare, so it may pay to start with a fairly inexpensive watch until they’re better able to look after it, or, set aside their best one for special occasions.

There we have it; some of the things to bear in mind when thinking about kid’s watches.

They can be fun, practical, and educational. It may be best to find a watch that matches the interests of the child. They can be given at any time of the year, but make great Christmas and birthday presents. There are certain things it needs to do i.e. like being shockproof, waterproof, and that’s just because of the things that kid’s get up to.

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