Why Purchasing a Home is preferable to Renting

I wish to briefly summarize why it is best to purchase a house (especially today) rather of renting one! Listed below are 3 significant reasons why you need to consider purchasing a home…


Purchasing a house is really less costly than renting! Here’s why…

Renting a house for $1,000/mo for five years is $1,000/mo x five years x 12 several weeks/year = $60,000

But purchasing a home for the similar $1,000/mo for five years is under $60,000!

When you purchase a house the federal government provides you with a tax break for that mortgage interest that you simply pay. As the exact amount may change let us just think that your tax break equals only $1,200/year or $100/mo. Which means you receive $100/mo x five years x 12 several weeks/year=$6,000

At this time, additionally you may be eligible for a $8,000 First Time Buyer Tax Credit (2009). Which means there are owned a house previously three years you will get yet another $8,000 in the Government only for purchasing a home in ’09!

Which means you will get ($8,000 $6,000 =) $14,000 cash when you purchase your house within the next five years. So you’ll pay $60,000 is housing payments within the next five years however if you simply possess a home you’re going to get $14,000 cash return. Which means you only spend $46,000 for housing within the same five years that is only $766.67/month!

Dollar for dollar it’s cheaper to purchase a house rather of rent one.


Who owns the house is titled towards the equity in your home. Equity may be the distinction between just how much a home is worth and just how much your debt. (If your home is worth $200,000 and also you owe $150,000 then your equity is $50,000.) If you’re renting then your landlord may be the owner plus they reach keep your equity in your home.

When you purchase a house you’ve got a mortgage monthly payment. Generally, each payment includes a principle amount, a pursuit amount, property taxes and hazard insurance. The key quantity of the payment cuts down on the amount that you simply owe around the property. (Should you pay your mortgage repayments for 3 decades you won’t owe anything around the home since you will have compensated from the mortgage.) If you purchase a house your payment per month reduces just how much your debt so it’s like having to pay yourself. However if you simply rent, your payment per month reduces how your landlord owes and it is which makes them more potent!

Each time there’s a repair around the home, if done properly, that repair can increase the need for your house because it will likely be more vital. Should you upgrade old home windows, switch the shingles on the top or remodel your kitchen, that can make your house more vital money. Whenever you possess a home you spend of these repairs. Whenever you rent, the owner be forced to pay of these repairs however they don’t mind since it helps make the home more vital money!

Making regular payments on the mortgage increases your credit rating. Better credit means better financing for your forthcoming home purchase, a refinance from the first home as well as for an automobile purchase or other credit purchases helping you save 1000s of dollars in interest through the years in the future.


At this time is the greatest time for you to purchase a home. The house values in the region have bottomed out and also the rates of interest on loans are continually lows.

There has been homes that was once $200,000 which are now selling at $150,000 or fewer! The professionals state that we’re at the end from the housing cycle and costs for houses should never be this low again. You can purchase a house that was once worth $200,000 for just $150,000. Then, because the market cycles support you’ll be able to capture the brand new equity in your house.

With rates of interest shedding below 5.5% (thirty year fixed interest rate) you can buy that $150,000 home for payments beginning at just $825/month (principle and interest)! And that is before you decide to figure your $14,000 savings within the next five years.


The qualifications for purchasing a house are nearly exactly the same qualifications for renting a house. You must have okay credit, a first deposit along with a decent job.

For those who have a fico score of 580 (or better) you’ll be able to be eligible for a a Federal housing administration loan. A 580 FICO score isn’t considered a good credit score and might be low enough to stop you from renting. But it’s a reasonable credit rating to purchase a little home. For those who have better credit you’ll be able to be eligible for a better rates of interest with other kinds of loans.

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